Portfolio of Ferdinand Christian Weinrother

SKJLLS UG (Startup)


Skjlls was developed by four longtime friends who got to know each other through their work together with the digital agency BBDO / Interone in Hamburg. On Skjlls.com, creative companies can find the right freelancers and permanent employees in design, marketing and IT by looking for industry-specific skills and levels of qualification.

By actively seeking candidates based on their abilities, companies can skip the traditional application process and immediately focus on those who fit their professional needs.

Additionally we build the very first skills-based salary comparison. It compares your skills with employees with a similar skill-set.

My role: Founder & Design


We developed a hyper complex system with an easy to use interface. Completely responsive system, that feels like a native app. The website fits perfectly to all display sizes and devices.


skjlls responive ui.png

The Survey 2015

"Pleasure or frustration in the media industry" is over 80,000 individual answers probably one of the few independent studies about workers in the German media industry. With more than 75 questions, the study provides a detailed overview of the working conditions and the state of mind of permanent employees and Freelancers working in the German media industry.

It was one of the biggest marketing projects for skjlls.com and collected nearly 15% of all skjlls.com registrations.

My role:  Interface-Design | Interaction-Design | Marketing | Motion-Design


We made one of the largest surveys to get massive insights and published it for free.


 … and produced a short video, that shows the results of the study of one target group: the designers.